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Wasp Nest Removal UK: The arrival of the spring and summer months also heralds the appearance of more insect pests in UK, and as we spend more of our time outside, we're much more likely to come across wasps in the garden and home. Wasps in general are not that much of an issue for many folks in UK, and their benefits to a degree exceed the risk of getting stung in most cases. But when wasps decide to build a nest in your attic, shed eaves or in a garden hedge, something has to be done.

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You could be tempted to try to do this by yourself, to save time and expense, and it could be quite possible if you discover it early enough, but it is advisable to bring in a professional, particularly in hard to get at areas. Under no circumstances should you ever spray a wasp nest with insect killer spray or attempt to knock it down or poke it. Doing this is going to provoke the insects inside, and will encourage them to leave the nest and attempt to sting any creature they encounter. Which will probably be you or your family. These insects tend to be much more irascible when anything comes in close proximity to their nests, and there could be a hundred or more wasps inside even a small nest.

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To figure out the the species wasp that's invading your property in UK, you can call in a proficient wasp removal expert, who will tell you if they're likely to cause a danger. So as to make pulp for their nests, some wasps will chew wood, and if left unchallenged for a while, could cause structural damage to roof joists and timbers. There is no need to panic right away, since this doesn't pose an immediate risk, however over time, it could trigger problems that will need to be fixed.

If you discover an area on your property in UK, that's clearly an entry and exit point for wasps, you shouldn't block it right away. Obstructing the entryway to an existing nest will only cause the wasps outside to search for an alternative way in, and the ones inside to discover another way out. As they establish another hole to gain entry to their nest, this may cause further damage to other areas of your dwelling. An accredited wasps nest removal service in UK will reduce the possibility of any further structural damage, by uncovering the nest and safely removing it. You'll be able to block and repair any holes you can find, once the nest has been removed.


Although there are 100s of species of wasp there are two chief varieties that we can divide them into: Solitary and Social.

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Solitary Wasps: Solitary wasps are, as their name suggests, loners and build only small nests or use gaps left in woody plant stems and in the earth. Having a largely beneficial impact around your garden, by praying on widespread garden pests such as caterpillars, aphids and greenfly, solitary wasps are seldom ever noticed by most people in UK.

Social Wasps: Social wasps are going to be the ones that can be seen creating large nests and quite often gathering in their thousands in UK. The large nests of these social wasps can occasionally even put a property out of bounds in extreme cases, and have to be dealt with correctly. Creating an immediate hazard, especially if there are pets or young children on the premises, the nests of social wasps will need to be eliminated and removed by a professional.


If the nest is comparatively small, and your family aren't being troubled by the wasps, it can be left alone. The wasps never return to a nest as soon as the summer life cycle is over. The number of wasps that you notice will appreciably diminish during the autumn months, and in the wintertime the colony will die except new queens. That is not to claim that the selfsame location will never be returned to, simply that they won't reuse an abandoned nest. Discarded wasps nests don't decay or rot away, as they are built from a sort of cellulose material. The old nests can be left undisturbed if they're not causing any issues, and will stay there for quite a few years before eventually disintegrating.

If the nest is huge and the wasps are creating an issue for you and your family it would be a good idea to call out an experienced UK wasps nest removal specialist to remove it. Prepared for any eventuality and arriving with the most appropriate PPE (personal protective equipment), a qualified wasp nest removal specialist will keep themselves and your family safe. Depending on the extent of the wasp predicament, you may have to vacate your home while the process is being undertaken. It is good to bear in mind that when you get near to a nest, you'll more than likely be met with hostile behaviour, as the primary intent of the wasps is to protect their queen, which they'll do no matter what.

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Pinpointing the principal nest and entryways, and discovering the wasp species that's causing the problem, will be the first job for any pest control company. A comprehensive on-site survey will be necessary, since your property in UK could well be playing host to more than just one solitary nest. Familiar locations where wasps can build nests in UK are roof eaves, cavity walls, shrubs and lofts. This means oftentimes your pest controllers will be working at considerable height, and is yet another reason for using specialist help.

Once the nest has been detected, a suitable pesticide will be applied. Subject to the species of wasp, the location, type and size of nest, this lethal treatment can take the shape of a spray or a dust. To ensure the wasps are carrying the insecticide into the nest to eradicate it completely, this may need to be applied more than once. Until all of the foraging wasps have come back to their nest and come into contact with the insecticide, no further measures should be taken. Approximately 24 hours after the initial insecticide treatment, there should be almost no noticeable activity, however to ensure that the nest is safe to approach and that all the wasps have been eliminated, the removal process can be undertaken somewhere between 48 hrs and and a month after the treatment.

In cases where a property has been left vacant, the entire house might need to be fumigated, particularly if the wasps nests have spread into other living spaces, rooms and areas.


Based on reports by the National Institute for Clinical Excellence (NICE), in the region of 0.5% of UK people could suffer from anaphylaxis shock on account of bee or wasp stings, and data demonstrates that this figure is gradually increasing. In a twenty one year study between the years 1998 and 2012 there were 2688 admissions to hospitals in England and Wales attributed to wasp stings, with 93 of these being fatal. The risk is greater in the very young and those over 60, however any person who's got a previous history of intolerance to wasp venom can suffer life-threatening stings from a solitary wasp.


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You local UK wasp nest removal service will be happy to give you guidance on the various preventive measures you could take to stop wasps nesting on your property.

You should bear in mind the fact that wasps normally like to build nests in sheltered, dark locations that are protected from wind and rain. This is the main reason why a lot of wasps nests are built in roof spaces, lofts and eaves in UK. You should try to block any gaps or damage wherever it's possible to do so. Fine stainless steel mesh could be used to cover up soffits, air bricks, chimney pots and vents. Installing a low-wattage light or even a window in your roof space can discourage wasps since they prefer the dark. Treating garden sheds and other timber structures with creosote, stain or wasp repellent to deter them from building nests.

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